Passenger App Settings

Overview Quick link to Passenger App settings Creating app Zones Journey Distances General Settings Setting Up Your Passenger App 1 Select “App Settings”, then “Add New” 2 Then name your new zone, in this example “South West”, then draw your zone onto the map. 3 You can have as many zones as you want and […]

Accepting a Hard Allocated Booking – Driver App

Overview Quick link to App Settings Driver App login Driver App workflow Driver App Accepting an Allocated booking Driver app 1 Cab9 is a driver app-based system. Bookings for drivers are sent to their app and the progression of a boking and addition of any waiting time and car parking are made via the app. […]

Invite To App

Overview Quick link to Clients Invite passengers to your APP Grow your passenger app 1 Clients –> All –> Select Client –> More –> Invite To App The Invite To App feature allows you to invite passengers that are assigned to a Client to start making bookings on your companies Passenger App. An email is […]

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