Credit Cards

Credit Card Transactions

Overview Quick link to credit card transactions Here we look at managing car payments payments Failed transactions Searching transactions Card transactions 1 Cab9 allows you to monitor all credit card transactions in one place 2 Filters Search – Search for last 4 digits of card, job number etc From – From Date (transaction date) To […]

Manual / Batch card payment collection

Overview Quick link to credit card bookings Here we look at taking manual payments Card payments 1 If you choose to charge credit card transactions manually, you may select transactions here to process as a batch or individually. To select all click the top radio box beside Details, otherwise, select each individual record which you […]

Credit Card Pre Authorisation & Payment Collection Mode

Overview Quick link to card payment Here we look at card payment Setting up pre-auth Pre-auth and payments 1 Cab9 allows you to decide whether you want to pre-authorise any amount against a passenger card 24Hrs in advance of a journey. Amounts to enter : 1 Leave Blank – Null, no pre-auth 2 Numerical Value […]

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