5. Driver Management

Driver Shifts

Overview Quick link to Driver shifts This article explains Driver shifts See earnings View shift hours Shift Overview 1 Curious to see what hours your drivers have been available and their earnings by ‘shift’ 2 Drivers-Driver Shifts 3 Will bring you to here….. 4 Clicking on the eyeball will open up any given day to […]

Driver recurring payments / Vehicle Rental charges

Overview Quick link to Drivers This article explains how to apply charges to drivers Recurring or one off extras Debits or credits can be applied Basics of job Bidding 1 Cab9 allows companies to apply recurring or one-off charges to driver pay statements. 2 These may, amongst other things be for Recurring vehicle rental Insurance […]

Document Expiry Report

Overview Quick link to Expiry Report This article explains Driver Documents Driver Documents 1 Cab9 monitors expiry dates for driver documents and will highlight any drivers or vehicle with documents that are out of date. Dependent on your local regulation this may be critical to your operations. 2 It also offers the facility in Menu […]

Sub contract operators

Overview Quick link to Drivers This article explains how to set up Sub Contractors Setting Up Sub-Contractors 1 Occasionally it may be necessary to pass a booking to a subcontracting company. 2 To set up a subcontractor follow the same procedure as setting up a driver. 3 And toggle the ‘subcontractor’ in the driver setup […]

Driver Payment Models

Overview Quick link to Driver pay This article explains how to build driver pay models Driver pay by vehicle Fixed price driver pay Building driver pay models 1 Drivers may be paid a % of the charge to the client. Or paid by miles driven. Set up mirrors that of client pricing. 2 You can […]

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