Overview Quick link to reports Here we look at reports System reports 1 Cab9 has a built-in reporting engine to allow you to view and analyse business critical information 2 All reports can be downloaded as .csv with the click of a button Next Steps Here are more articles on admin

Driver Expenses

Overview Quick link to Driver Expenses This article explains how to add expenses. How to edit an expense. How to manage expenses Configuring Expenses 1 Driver disbursements such as car parking and tolls may be added from the driver app if. This article explains how to correctly configure them. Please click an image to see […]

Invoicing and driver payment settings

Overview Quick link to invoicing Here we look at invoices Here we look at Tax rates Here we look at pricing models Invoices and Driver pay 1 Cab9 requires certain information to populate your invoices. Default Models Default pricing model – this is the default pricing that is applied to bookings unless another specified. Default […]


Overview Quick link to vehicle types Here we share vehicle images for your use Invoicing system 1 Client invoicing is crucial to any account-based business. The adage of ‘look after your kit, and your kit looks after you’ may be applied here. Invoicing is simple and quick if you take care of your bookings and their […]

Passenger Record Management

Overview Quick link to passenger management Manage passenger records Passenger notes VIP passengers Passenger managment 1 Cab9 stores most used addresses for passengers. It also stores their mobile contact details for SMS messages and email addresses for email confirmations. 2 A passenger overview is visible in the dashboard which will include their frequency of travel, […]

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