Intergrations & Partners

Overview 3rd party Integration 3rd Party integrations 1 Cab9 connects to the following demand providers via two-way integration. Gett Business One Transport Groundscope City Fleet Karhoo Here Maps Contact the support team to set up any of these integrations. Next Steps Here are more articles on general topics

Email Addresses

Overview Email addresses Email 1 Cab9 relies on unique email addresses to seperate users, passengers and drivers. A registered driver on your Cab9 system may not have the same email address as a passenger or staff member. Please bear this in mind when setting up drivers and staff members. Next Steps Here are more articles […]

Exporting your data

Overview Exporting data Downloading data Data downloads 1 Cab9 always regard your data as, well, yours! 2 From most of our screens, you can export data directly to .csv as well as arrange and add columns as you see fit. 3 Simply look for the ‘table’ button in the top right hand of the screen […]

Web Booker

Overview Quick link to web booker Settings Web booker 1 Web Booker configuration in Cab9 will be dealt with by your support team. 2 Dependent on your agreement with Cab9 you may be able to access multiple templates from ‘kiosk’ style for hotel lobbies to a standard generic booker. 3 All we require is for […]

Quick Navigate / Search

Overview Find anything System search Quick search function 1 Most Cab9 screens are kept as simple as possible for navigation purposes. 2 Cab9 uses ‘elastic search’ instead of huge numbers of menus everywhere. The elastic search is context-sensitive and will get you to the information you require painlessly. Searching for, say ‘smith’ will return results […]

Cab9 System requirements

Overview System requirments Running two screens System requirments 1 Cab9 is an entirely cloud-based solution. In principle, all that is required is a web browser and an internet connection. 2 In reality, to dispatch on a system running over 100 drivers, there are some minimum requirements for day to day use hardware. As long as […]

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