1. Getting Started

System Roles

Overview Quick link to System Roles This article explains what roles are. Allocating System Roles 1 System Roles is an area where you are able to set up what types of staff you have and what each member of staff are able to do on Cab9. R – Read, This allows people to view information […]

Adding Vehicles

Overview Quick link to Vehicles This article explains how to add Vehicles. Essential fields for adding a vehicle. Cab9 Vehicle Managment 1 Cab9 requires a record of vehicle information to populate passenger notifications, letting them know which vehicle has arrived to collect them. Under many regulatory regimes, it is also necessary to provide this information […]

Email settings

Overview Quick link to Email Configuration This article explains how to add your Email Account. Adding Email 1 By default, Cab9 uses our own email server to send emails to your clients. This is a service provided by mailgun which we recommend. You may choose to use your own email provider via SMTP, or indeed […]

Vehicle Types

Overview Quick link to vehicle types Adding vehicle types Adding vehicle priorities Vehicle orders for Apps and web bookers Setting Vehicle Types 1 Your company may offer different vehicle types to clients. From a standard saloon car, an executive car, estate car, MPV or minibus. 2 You can define the vehicle types you offer to […]

Pricing – First Steps

Overview Quick link to Pricing Models This article explains how to create initial pricing models. Rounding of fare and milage. Layered pricing Peak days, dates and times Pricing Models 1 Pricing models are key to your business. Cab9 allows you to choose how you charge clients for their journeys. 2 Mileage calculations are set company-wide […]


Overview This article explains the Cab9 Dashboard. How to filter data to see more relevent information. Cab9 Dashboard 1 The Dashboard offers you a birds-eye view of your business. 2 Date filter – you can view data for the period of time selected 3 Info Panes – below explains the information held in the info […]


Overview Quick link to Staff This article explains how to add Staff members. Adding Staff 1 From here we can add and amend staff using the Cab9 system. The next article explains how to restrict access to certain Cab9 modules such as finance or settings. 2 The creation of staff members is crucial for accountability […]

Adding Clients

Overview Quick link to Clients This article explains how to add clients. Essential fields for adding a client. Client Backscreens and what they show Cab9 Client Managment 1 The Clients link in the lefthand primary navigation opens on a mouse click. Selecting All offers you a view of all your clients. If you have many […]


Overview This article show where to navigate, in order to manage vehicles. Manage Vehicles 1 Navigate to this section in the left menu. From here we can add/edit and generally maintain your fleet of available vehicles. Next Steps This next article shows you how to Add Clients

Adding Drivers

Overview Quick link to Drivers This article explains how to add drivers. Essential fields for adding a driver. How to add Driver Documents Cab9 Driver Managment 1 Cab9 is provided with two ‘test drivers’ created. Apple test and Android test. These drivers have users created for the driver app testing. 2 Drivers are of course […]

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