3. Bookings

Repeat Bookings

Overview Quick link to Repeat bookings This article explains Repeat Bookings Deleting a repeat booking Creating batch bookings 1 Often clients will request a regular journey. Whether this is a local authority ‘school run’. Or simply a regular trip to the hospital, Cab9 allows regular bookings up to 120 days in advance. 2 Override price […]

Validation Screen

Overview Quick link to Validation This article explains the Validation Screen Validation 1 Validation is a filterable screen allowing you to look over journeys and confirm the correct charge to the client, pay to driver and edit as required. 2 Margins may also be calculated and verified from here. Next Steps Here is an article […]

Credit Card payment status

Overview Quick link to Credit Card Payments This article explains status of payments Card Payments 1 There are three statuses, each with success or failure. Preauth – Pre-authorisation of a pending card charge Collection – collection against a pre-authorisation Payment – Payment against a request 2 In the event of a failure, an email is […]

Hourly and ‘as directed’ bookings

Overview Quick link to to activate chauffeur mode Pricing for chauffeur mode As directed jobs Chauffeur Mode 1 With chauffeur mode activated and a price in the price table, Cab9 allows you to book and charge hourly rate journeys or ‘as directed’ journeys. 2 When Chauffeuring mode is activated the ability to book hourly journeys […]

Vouchers & Discount Codes

Overview Added via clients – More – Adjustments Offer discounts via a code Use £ or % codes How to add codes 1 Cab9 allows the creation of discount codes and vouchers to reward/encourage bookings. 2 These codes may be used at the time of bookings to give discounts to passengers via the customer App […]

Booking Audit & History

Overview Quick link to bookings This article explains how view an audit trail Job History 1 Cab9 keeps a log of every change made to a booking. Each time anything is changed in the booking, it is stamped with the user who made the change and a record of what was changed. 2 Audit activity […]

Credit Card bookings

Overview Quick link to bookings This article explains credit card bookings Where to select payment method Taking a card against a booking 1 If Cab9 is configured with a payment provider it is possible to take credit card payment for bookings. 2 Many passengers may have credit card details lodged against their profiles if they […]

Amending or cancelling a booking

Overview Quick link to Cab9 Bookings This article explains how to edit a booking Filtering a booking Sending updated emails Updating a booking 1 Bookings may be amended at ANY time up to journey invoicing. 2 Any amendments made to allocated jobs will be pushed to the driver app, and the driver notified of a […]

Taking a booking

Overview Quick link to adding a booking This article explains how add a booking Linking to clients Required fields Basics of job Bidding 1 Getting the right information into a booking really is the start of a customers journey. Cab9 has been designed to make this process as painless as possible. 2 Each text box […]

Airport Collections & flight tracking.

Overview Using flight tracker Quickly add airport jobs How to add a flight number Basics of job Bidding 1 Cab9 is sent updates on flights from Flightstats.com, the same engine used by Google. 2 Cab9 searches a worldwide database of flights and matches your flight number to the destination airport and terminal of that flight […]

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