2. Dispatch

Traffic Map Overlay

Overview See Google Traffic Info Cab9 Driver Managment 1 Click on the small traffic light icon on your mapping to overlay the latest google traffic info.

Distance A-B Fastest or Shortest

Overview Quick link to Fastest/Shortest route settings This article explains how change this setting You choose between fastest or shortest 1 Cab9 allows you to calculate mileage from A-B as the basis for fares. 2 We offer you the choice of routing via the ‘fastest’ or ‘shortest’ route via Settings – company – dispatch 3 […]

Unable to Notify driver – but can hard allocate

Overview Quick link to Bookings Finding incomplete bookings Using filters Complete Jobs so drivers can progress Unable to Notify 1 Cab9 works through bookings in a linear progression. Allocated En route Arrived In Progress Complete ! Notify driver will only work when the previous journey is marked complete. Rarely a driver will not mark a […]

Client Services / Problem Bookings

Overview Quick link to Bookings This article explains how to pause a booking. Useful while sorting out discrepencies. Pause a Booking 1 It may be necessary to withhold a booking from invoicing if there is a complaint/issue with the journey. 2 Toggling the docket to ‘client services; will withhold the journey from invoice runs, though […]

Driver Expenses

Overview Quick link to Driver Expenses This article explains how to add expenses. How to edit an expense. How to manage expenses Configuring Expenses 1 Driver disbursements such as car parking and tolls may be added from the driver app if. This article explains how to correctly configure them. Please click an image to see […]

Fleet Overview

Overview Quick link to Drivers – Dispatch View This article explains how to see your live fleet. Locate a driver on the map. How to nudge a Driver. Your Live Fleet 1 To see your fleet overview, follow the step shown below or select the quick link above: 2 You will be taken to the […]

Cab9 Driver Chat

Overview Introducing Cab9 Chat Speak with Groups or individual Drivers Get messages out quickly Allow drivers to feedback to control Cab9 Chat 1 Cab9 allows dispatch to connect via messages directly to drivers and for drivers to chat directly to control from their app. 1 Dispatch can also message groups of drivers, for example, all […]

Job Pool / Bidding

Overview Quick link to Dispatch This article explains how to use Bidding Cover awkward Jobs Offering Jobs to Groups for Bidding Basics of job Bidding 1 Cab9 allows for jobs to be offered out to groups of drivers in advance. Meaning that drivers can express an interest in, or bid for a journey. 2 This […]


Overview Quick link to Dispatch This article explains how to Allocate Work Changing drivers on bookings. Cancelled bookings Dispatching bookings to drivers 1 Cab9 is a driver app-based system. On allocation of a booking to a driver, it will be sent to his App where he will receive all details necessary to asses, plan and […]

Control Screen – Dispatch Overview

Overview Quick link to Dispatch Overview This article explains different sections of the screen Job strip colour coding Cab9 Mapping Understanding the control screen 1 Cab9 presents a summary of journeys in ‘strips’. Each ‘strip’ provides the essential elements to quickly define job parameters at a glance. 2 From the Left and broken into columns. […]

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